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Freeze-thaw awakening technology

Approximately 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth and approximately 3.8 billion years since the birth of life, life has overcome tens of thousands of glacial periods to evolved intensely.

We focused on the fact that current tropical plants have adapted to the environment of ice ages and paying attention to the effects of freezing environments, we have repeatedly studied the method of cultivating tropical plants in temperate regions.

An ice age also existed in Papua New Guinea in the equator region until 13,000 years ago, and the present tropical plants survived even in the extremely cold environment, but the nature of tropical plants became fixed, and it became impossible for them to survive in temperate areas.

Therefore, when germinating and cultivating tropical plants in a temperate zone again, in order to make them adapt to the temperate climate, while paying attention to the correlation between concentration convection and ice crystal growth speed, we prepared trehalose for protecting animal cells as a frozen cytoprotective agent in solutions with an appropriate concentration, maintained the solutions at the proper activation temperature of tropical plants and performed impregnation for the proper time, and gave external stress to slowly freezes and thaw the solutions; as a result, extremely rapid growth rate and climate resistance developed in tropical plants after germination.

Through this "freeze-thaw awakening technology," more than 230 kinds of tropical plants, etc. on have been cultivated in temperate areas to date.

Concerning the Safety of Freeze-Thaw Awakening Technology

Comparative experiments concerning freezing and non-freezing of various species were repeated many times to analyze genes (both DNA and RNA) and chromosomes; the results revealed that there was no mutation of genetic information whatsoever when freeze-thawing was performed, a fact that has already been analyzed in several authoritative research institutions worldwide.

Therefore, because it is scientifically impossible for there to be a physical change in safety, the safety of crops in freeze-thaw awakening technology has been demonstrated.