Summary of Corporation

Company name General incorporated foundation ASCO   
Short name:ASCO
  • Address17-32 1 Chome Hikinocho Minami, Fukuyama, Hiroshima,
    721-0945, Japan
  • TEL084-946-6155
  • FAX084-943-2002
Representative Director Setsuzo Tanaka
Establishment March 30, 2017
Research contents
  1. Research and dissemination of FTWM
  2. Research and development of heavy croppers
  3. Improvement of harvestability
  4. Improvement on weatherability
Business contents
  1. Workshop
  2. Sales of seedlings
  3. Cultivation support
  4. ASCO certification
  5. Support on overseas expansion

Objectives of Establishment

Representative Director Setsuzo Tanaka
Representative Director
Setsuzo Tanaka

ASCO was founded aiming to contribute for global food crisis, global warming and food safety.

Firstly, we aim to improve the incomes of those who are engaged in agriculture by effectively utilizing abandoned fields and waste farmland.

We serve in the issues of the aging of farmers and a lack of successors.

We launched the ASCO business to aim for a bright future in agriculture